Travel-friendly tricks to take on holiday

Travel-friendly tricks to take on holiday

Baby Staycation : Travel-friendly tricks to take on holiday

If you're feeling a little out of touch with what to take away with a baby or toddler in tow, our travel-friendly essential baby products guide should help you pack smart this Summer-time.

  1. Plenty of snacks and feeding hacks at the ready

    Snack pots and easy feeding tools with little ones are 100% your best friend while on-the-go and away from your own kitchen. Opt for simple and stackable storage or glass if you prefer the eco option! And if you want reusable, Foodii pouches are perfect for filling with purees for weaning which come with a mess-free squeezy spoon top.

    Shop our range of food storage with dishwasher-safe and freezer-friendly options:

    Stackable Babybols 
    Snacking Boxes Character Set
    Glass Babybols
    Foodii Reusable Pouches
    2-in-1 Travel Booster Seat + Lunch Bag

  2. Inflatable Baby Pool

    For bathing your newborn and early water play, our easily inflatable pool with a removable seat support to hold baby will save you bags of space in the car/suitcase in place of your home baby bath. Equally entertaining and spacious enough for toddlers to splash and paddle in the garden or on the beach, too. 

  3. Go Wireless

    The only thing you should be focusing on recharging this holiday, is you - when baby is sleeping separately to you or you enjoy sitting out of an evening once the kids are in bed, YOO Travel is award-winning for it's entirely wireless 300 metre range and long-life battery. Minimal effort needed, maximum peace of mind.

  4. Swap out wet wipes for reusable flannels or face mits for inevitably messy mealtimes.

  5. Fold-up changing mattress

    You'll never have to worry about finding baby changing facilities again thanks to NomadCare extra thick travel changing mat made up of a soft fold-up cushion-y micro-bead mattress and a wipable mat over the top. Designed to provide comfort and a hygenic surface 100% of the time no matter where you are on your travels or the facilities (or lack of) on offer to you. The best bit? Our 2-part changing mat folds up into a neat compact bag with additional pockets to hld your nappies, wipes and bibs!

  6. Pop-up UV tent

    Sun-seekers, UV protection is a must consideration with your little people, particularly befoe the age of 1 when natural melanin production is not yet there to help protect their delicate skin. As well as hats, suncream and UV swimwear, limit their time in direct sunlight and avoid the hottest time of the day (midday) The Babymoov UV tent offers the highest 50+ UPF protection and a shaded safe space to play at the beach, in the garden or in the park - tent pegs and a compact carry bag are included so you can keep in the car with next to no space taken up! 

  7. Mama's Comfort

    For mamas-to-be or breastfeeding mamas who like to use a supporting pillow to feed, your comfort shouldn't suffer away from home. That is why Babymoov created the Mum + b (and baby) compact micro-bead maternity cushion designed with an ergonomic peanut shape for true support and adaptability to you. Thanks to the ultra fine bead filling, the Mum + b moulds to your shape like memory foam in a number of positions including legs, back, head, neck or between the legs  in a safe side resting position. 

  8. Hello Hands-free!

    Wherever you're venturing off to, our range of compact baby backpacks come with some neat travel-friendly design features to make the journey a little more hands-free. ESSENTIAL Backpack and Le Sancy Extendable Backpack slide securely onto a telescopic suitcase handle

  9. Bottle Warming

          For bottle and breast milk warming, one with in-car capabilities will ensure your feeding routine isn't impacted. Designed to do exactly that, Nutrismart is the most intuitive milk warmer which has automatic sensitivty to breast milk and heating to retain its nutrients. As well as a quick warming programme you can also programme NutriSmart to warm a bottle up to 12 hours ahead of time - so it;s ready night and day.




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