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If you want to cancel your order, please click on the ‘Help ?’ button on the bottom right of this page and fill in the Withdrawal form. 

Please note, if your order has already been dispatched, 
you will need to return the item.  

If you want to track your order, please click on the ‘Help ?’ button on the bottom right of this page and fill in the ‘Follow up/Delivery Issue’ form. 

You should receive dispatch and tracking information via email, if you have not received anything, please check  your spam/junk folder.   

Register your Lifetime Warranty

Your product can be registered for Lifetime Warranty online within 2

 months of purchase. You will need to attach your proof of  purchase  during the  registration process.  

If  you need to register,  please click on the  ‘Help ?’ button on the bottom right of this page and fill in the ‘Lifetime Warranty

registration’ form.  

Need further advice?

To contact Customer Service, please click on the ‘Help ?’ button on the bottom right of this page and fill in the ‘Product Support’ form.  

In order for us to get back to you ASAP, please make sure you
 provide us with all the information requested:

customer service

Information required with the product support form

Your proof of purchase with the date of purchase, the name of the retailer (invoice, order confirmation, delivery receipt, gift receipt…) and the confirmation of your Lifetime  Warranty registration if  your purchase was made more than 2 years ago.

The product code starting with an A followed by 6 digits for Babymoov OR starting with a B  followed by 6 digits for Badabulle

The batch number (4 digits-4 digits)  which can be found on the packaging or on the product itself.

For a monitor, it will be inside the battery compartment printed on a sticker.

For a Nutribaby, steriliser or a Hygro+, there will be 4 digits
engraved on the base of the unit.

A detailed description of the issue plus photos/videos

Please Note: If  you haven’t received a reply
from us, please check your spam/junk folder.