Weaning Multiple Babies: What to expect

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Top tips weaning with multiple babies

1. The tricky thing about multiples

Time and time again, as a parent of multiples, you’ll catch yourself realising that despite being born on the same day, to the same parents, living in the same house and pretty much doing the same things - they are completely different people! This has an impact of weaning because despite all your preparation and date marked in the calendar, your multiples may not be ready when you are or, most likely, may not be ready at the same time. It’s really important to only start weaning when each individual baby is showing the signs of readiness. Current guidance stipulates weaning onto solids should happen around 6 months old and for multiples born prematurely this will often mean waiting until they are 6 months corrected age. You’ll need to consult with your Paediatrician for guidance.

2. Mess x 3

Having done BLW with my older son I was prepared for the mess that would occur in the first few months. However some simple tweaks to meals and some smart purchases have eased the pain. With a single baby you have both your hands available to catch a flying spoon or to stop a plate being tipped up. With multiples your attention is going to be split. Invest in long sleeved bibs (a long sleeve bib with a silicone bucket bib on top works wonders), suction plates and bowls and a highchair that is easy to clean! Make adjustments to ‘messy’ meals to ensure your multiples can still enjoy them but you won’t regret it when your kitchen is plastered with multiple bowls of porridge! Porridge fingers or porridge muffins instead of conventional porridge Weetabix snowballs (Weetabix, ground almonds, desiccated coconut, milk to bind) instead of sloppy Weetabix Couscous or quinoa added to saucy meals will save you scrubbing tomato sauce off your walls!

3. Children are like popcorn

As a former teacher, I’ve always loved this quote. Each individual kernel of corn is given the exact same treatment in order to get it to pop and yet each kernel will pop at a slightly different time. Children, just like popcorn, can be given the exact same plate of food and will react in a different way to it at different times. Triplets are fascinating to watch. Given the exact same items of food they each show their preferences. One will opt to eat the carbs first, another will go for the greens. One is methodical in their approach, preferring each item to separated while another will ravage what’s there, leaving only shredded remnants of the former meal. It’s a great reminder that we all feel different on different days, some days we’re hungrier or crave something more that others. It may take them a few tries to enjoy a certain type of food or they may love it immediately and then go off it a week later. Seeing one child enjoy what another has turned their nose up to is also reassuring that it’s not just your cooking too! Continuing to offer a balance and variety is key and the great thing about feeding multiples is that, at the end of the meal, you can do a little swap around giving them a little more of what they preferred in that meal!

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