Our GreenMoov

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What is GreenMoov?

The actions we make today shape the future of our children. Babymoov is committed to reducing our environmental impact and striving towards a greener future.

GreenMoov sets out our promise to make positive sustainable changes across the business: From how and where we manufacture, to our packing and product material choices as well as how we deliver to your door.

GreenMoov Ambassadors

We've assigned our 'GreenMoov ambassadors' within the Babymoov team to train and educate internally on sustainable best practices to follow globally: including launch of projects with short, medium and long term impact (sponsorship, biodiversity protection, encourage local initiatives)

Respect & Responsibility

In the last 3 years, in addition to numerous product innovations, several eco-focused actions have been launched: the lifetime warranty and repairability of electronic products, the use of Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics, FSC-labelled® packaging and our promise of low emission technology on our most recent award-winning video baby monitors and audio monitors

Caring for future generations


plastic-free packaging by 2025



of our electrical products eco-conscious by 2025

Made with 70% less plastic

Nutribaby Glass Food Maker

Made with Organic cotton covers, tox-proof certified microbeads + 100% recycled plastic packaging!

2in1 Maternity Pillow

Made from 94% sugar cane!

Bio-sourced Babybols

Unique to Babymoov

Lifetime warranty on 60% of our products

A guarantee of durability and quality, Babymoov Lifetime Warranty ensures the lifespan and robustness of your Babymoov products. Parents have complete peace of mind that if you run into any problems, Babymoov are dedicated to offering product support long after your purchase by repairing, rather than replacing. A huge number of available spare parts on most Babymoov electrical products ensure we don't waste 🌿

Find out more about the Lifetime Warranty for Babymoov in the UK