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      Baby Milk Bottle Sterilisers – Steam & Microwave

      Sterilising baby bottles is vital to ensure the health and safety of your little ones. To help make the process as quick, effective and stress-free as possible, here at Babymoov we offer a range of revolutionary sterilising solutions. Whether you’re looking for a microwave steriliser, a steam steriliser or a bottle steriliser with several functions wrapped up into one handy package, we can provide the best steriliser for your needs.

      Our Babymoov Turbo Steam (+) is a large 2-in-1 steriliser and manual drying unit which can hold up to 6 bottles and accessories, and have them thoroughly sterilised in just 6 minutes. Compatible with all types of bottles and breast pumps, this machine includes a variety of helpful features, such as a bottle draining rack, as well as automatic shutdown and an alarm which rings at the end of the cleaning cycle.

      Of course, if you’re looking for a bottle steriliser with even more handy functions, you can’t do better than the Turbo Pure 3-in-1 Steriliser, Dryer and Purified Bottle Storage. This high-performance machine revolutionises the sterilisation process, and will give you guaranteed peace of mind. Capable of thoroughly sterilising and drying in just 38 minutes, Turbo Pure also stores bottles in an ultra-purified environment for up to 24 hours. 

      Shop our impressive selection of sterilising products right now. And don’t miss out on our Babymoov milk prep solutions. All of our Babymoov products come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping on all orders over £30!