7 Brrr-illiant Winter Essentials for Baby 

7 Brrr-illiant Winter Essentials for Baby 

Baby, it’s cold outside! Keep your little one cosy and content this season with our pick of warming winter wonders... 

Layers of Clothing 

In order to keep baby warm and snug without overheating, it’s better to dress them in several layers of thin fabrics (rather than a single thick outfit). This will form multiple layers of trapped air which provides good insulation for baby and makes it much easier to cool them down or warm them up as needed. 

Hats, Mittens + Booties 

These extra bits are just as important. Covering baby up will protect them from extreme weather if you venture outdoors. Babies can lose heat quickly from their head, hands and feet – but remember to remove all these extra layers when you go inside, to stop baby overheating. 


The safest temperature for baby’s room is between 16-20°C. It can be difficult to judge room temperature especially in winter, so a thermometer can be helpful for ensuring baby is comfortable. A Thermometer-hygrometermeasures the temperature and humidity of the air, so you can be sure baby is in a safe environment around the clock. 


Similarly, Hygro+ humidifier regulates the temperature and humidity of baby’s room via a steam output of air, to maintain the safest conditions. Winter air and indoor heating can also cause baby’s delicate skin to dry out, so a humidifier like Hygro+ adds all-important moisture back into the nursery. It cleanses the air of pollutants and allergens, reducing baby’s risk of coughs, colds, nasal infections, asthma and bronchitis - which are more common in winter.  

Baby Lotions 

You can further prevent your baby’s soft skin from getting chapped and dry during the winter by moisturising with natural baby lotions and creams. Look for unscented, non-perfumed products suitable for sensitive skin. You don’t need to bath baby every day, as this could further dry out their skin, too. The NHS recommends bathing baby in plain water during the first month. 

Snug Blankets 

Who doesn’t love snuggling under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day? If you’re taking baby outside in a pushchair, a fleece blanket can help maintain heat, while a weatherproof pushchair cover can shelter baby from elements like wind and snow.  


Providing cosiness, comfort and support, the Cosydream sleeping aid promotes a healthy unrestricted sleeping position for baby from birth. Its built-in head pillow helps to prevent flat-head syndrome, while the adjustable leg roll elevates baby’s legs to reduce reflux and prevent uncomfortable straining of the stomach muscles - supporting a position closer to their comfortable fetal position. The soft material and cocoon-like protection is both reassuring and warming for baby on cold days and nights.  

Looking for warmth in the car? Check out our travel-friendly version - the Cosymorpho. It adapts to fit within a car seat, bouncer or baby swing while retaining the supportive dorsal position for baby. Micro-permeable materials ensure constant temperature regulation and soft padded sides create a warming and reassuring cocoon for baby on-the-go! 

Ready to find a special winter treat for your little one? Browse our wonderful selection of baby products today.


Feature Writer | Jasmine Davis 

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