What is Plagiocephaly and how do I to prevent it?

What is Plagiocephaly  and how do I to prevent it?

Plagiocephaly – or ‘flat head’ syndrome – is a common newborn condition affecting around 1 in 5 babies. Here’s what you need to know about it and how can it be prevented. 

What is Plagiocephaly/flat head syndrome? 

Flat head syndrome, or plagiocephaly, is a condition where baby’s head is flattened on one side, causing it to look slightly asymmetrical.  It affects many babies, but isn’t normally a major cause for concern, as it does not have any effect on baby’s brain or cause them pain. 

Flat head occurs as a result of constant pressure on a single point on baby’s skull. Newborn babies’ bones are still relatively soft, so the skull’s shape can be changed slightly during the early stages of development. 

The 1994 ‘Safe to Sleep’ campaign raised awareness that the safest position for babies to sleep in was on their backs. This led to the number of infant deaths halving. But while it is vital that babies do sleep on their backs, this knowledge has led to an increase in cases of flat head. 

Flat head can also be caused by problems in the womb, premature birth or neck muscle tightness.

How can flat head syndrome be prevented/treated? 

You can help prevent a flat head by making sure your baby’s head is not always resting in the same position.  These techniques can also help improve visible plagiocephaly and encourage natural correction of the skull, up to around 5 months of age: 

  • “Tummy time” - play with your baby where both of you are lying on your front (but make sure they always sleep on their back as this is safest for them) 

  • Use toys or mobiles to encourage your baby to move their neck muscles in the cot 

  • Change the position of toys in the cot, so baby turns their head to different angles 

  • Swap which end of the cot your baby sleeps at 

  • Reduce the amount of time baby spends in car seats and prams when you’re not travelling 

  • Move your baby between flat surfaces, slings and sloping chairs to ensure there isn’t constant pressure on just one part of the head 

  • Alternate the sides you hold baby for carrying and feeding 

The NHS advises all new parents to speak to their health visitor or GP if you’re concerned about the shape of your baby’s head. They can examine it and recommend how best to treat it further.  


The simple Solution?

Our anti-flat head baby pillow was designed to distribute the weight of baby's head evenly, preventing any flat spots from forming...

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Lovenest: Co-created with medical experts


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Lovenest Natural Care

Our latest Lovenest design, the Natural Care made with natural anti-bacterial copper threads throughout the organic cotton, ensure optimal hygiene for baby and the softest fabrics used for delicate and sensitive skin! Learn more about Lovenest Natural Care

 Lovenest Natural Care with antibacterial copper thread


The Cosydream baby support was developed to help babies sleep,rest and play in the most comfortable, safe position on his/her back (as reccomend by WHO) The built-in anti-flat head pillow supports baby’s growing skull and helps spread the weight evenly over baby’s head. Soft cotton fabric and memory foam make Cosydream a snug nest for newborns who are used to the cocoon-like protection of the mother’s womb.  

 Cosydream newborn colic/reflux lounger with built in anti-flat head pillow

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