U-shape button maternity pillow terracotta

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B.LOVE organic cotton, ultra soft, U-shape maternity pillow with button fastenning

  • Adaptable: during pregnancy and post-birth for feeding
  • Ultra soft, fine toxproof-certified (non-toxic) microbeads for maximum comfort + lightweight
  • Super soft organic cotton cover, GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • Made in Europe
  • Button fastening at both ends of the pillow to join the pillow around you for support during feeding
  • Comes packed in a reusable recycled plastic bag
  • Refillable (bag of microbeads sold separately)
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Oeko-Tex® certified, ultra soft, U-shape maternity pillow to improve sleep during pregnancy

U-shape designed to soothe pregnancy-related aches and pains (back ache, lumbar pain, tightness in the lower abdomen, heavy legs, this pregnancy pillow adapts to support multiple positions to give you the best possible comfort thanks to our tox-proof certified fine mesh microbead filling.

Button fastenning to join the pillow around the body during breastfeeding + bottle feeding

When your baby is born the maternity pillow can be used to facilitate all types of feeding. Its slightly angled shape allows you to always be at the right height level to feed and support baby comfortably. The button fastenning at both ends of the pillow can be joined as one for even more comfort and security when holding baby to feed. Ideal for feeding baby in all comfortable positions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Claire & Steve
Decent product

A decent quality maternity pillow that's reasonably well madeIt's soft to touch yet firm enough to hold upIt's very comforting to use and certainly does what it's supposed to doThe price may sound a little high but it's a good product that's worth trying

Mr & Mrs C Neno
So versatile

I'm not pregnant or nursing, in fact I'm menopausal so what was I thinking getting a maternity pillow? I'll tell you what. I have a long term back problem and have always slept with a pillow between my knees. Now, when my back is really bad, if I end up sleeping on my back I wake in horrific pain. This pillow stops me from rolling onto my back. It keeps my pelvis in a great position at night. My husband is getting jealous.I know this is a considered purchase but it really is wonderful. I can imagine how brilliant it is for the intended use, but it's so versatile for people like me with arthritis. Thank you so much.

Brilliant maternity and nursing pillow

This is a brilliant maternity and nursing pillow. It’s well filled so gives a lot of comfort to both baby and mum. It can be used as a back pillow or as bump support or to put on your knee for feeding baby.At first I was astounded at the price but seeing how full it’s filled and how high quality the cover is you literally get what you pay for. I’ve got four grown up children and this is for a grandchild but I’d have lived this when I was nursing mine as you do need something to lift the baby up to feed them.I’ve got no concerns about this at all and I’m very happy to recommend it.


I got this pillow for ME, old woman with dodgy knees. The pillow is fabulous. It has a pretty cover, it's sturdy enough to prop me up in bed and it protects my knees from hurting in the night. Winner all around. So well made too. I can imagine it will be fantastic for new Mums too.

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