Swoon Motion Electric 360° Baby Swing Babymoov

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Swoon Motion electric baby swing rocker with motion sensor

  • 360° baby swing rotation
  • 5 baby swing speeds
  • 2 rocking modes
  • Secure 5-point harness 
  • Motion sensor
  • Multi-position backrest
  • Machine-washable newborn support insert
  • 10, 20, 30-minute intervals
  • 8 lullabies with adjustable volume
  • Mini-USB adapter included
  • Removable play arch


Swoon Motion ergonomic electric baby swing with two natural rocking modes and motion sensor

If, like many, your baby loves to be gently rocked to sleep in your arms, the Babymoov Swoon Motion electric baby swing is the adjustable, user-friendly solution for parents to settle their baby hands-free!

With multi-purpose, ergonomic features, the Swoon Motion 360° baby swing is highly intuitive to your baby's sleep. Its motion sensor triggers your chosen swing setting when it detects your baby's movement or imminent awakening. Choose from two natural rocking modes, ‘left to right’ or ‘back and forth’. Swoon Motion 360° baby swing rocks your baby as if they were in your arms, with five different gentle speed options.

The perfect rocking baby swing from birth

Designed as a newborn baby swing chair, the Swoon Motion electric baby rocker has a built-in cushioned insert to mimic the cocoon effect your baby is used to from their time in the womb. As your baby grows bigger, the newborn insert is removable and machine-washable at 30°C, as is the seat cover.

Restful sleep in an electric baby swing rocker

The seat itself has three reclining positions – for sleep, rest, and family interaction. Thanks to its adjustable five-point safety harness, your baby can sit comfortably and securely in the electric baby swing. The Swoon Motion 360° baby swing has pre-programmed swing cycles of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. There is also a motion detector, which will restart the same cycle if the swing detects any movement. This feature is perfect for babies who struggle to stay settled.

Entertainment and stimulation with a baby motion chair

As well as settling your baby, the Swoon Motion electric baby swing **encourages early family interaction and play from birth **due to its adjustability and interactive height. Swoon Motion's electric rocker seat rotates 360°, so you can easily redirect your baby in any direction, reducing the need to carry the swing around to keep your baby in sight. The rocking baby swing also provides early stimulation and entertainment for your baby. Engage and soothe your baby with the adjustable sensor

Customer Reviews

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Tata Catalin
Good quality, very stable and strong balance

The media could not be loaded.  Good quality, working all , not occupied to much space , easy to install , found it very useful!



What a buy

Parents! Honestly if your kid is one of those you can settle then put down this is the one. I work all hours and once my wife has settled our daughter she will sleep happily on the lower settling of rocking. That's sufficient the other settings you don't need. If you want to out the timer on and then the sensor it will recognise when your child is stirring then restart and rock them back to sleep. Product is high quality materials toys the lot. Its worth every penny. The seat exchanges from new born to infant. Its perfect if you look at the price and think that's alot. Don't. The money you pay is well worth it. 5 star product and cheaper on amazon than babymoov

I'd recommend

Lovely swing, will definitely last a long time! My newborn goes in it for short period of times, as she gets older I think she’ll like it more and more. Love the fact you can plug it in and don’t have to bother with batteries. Definitely worth the price.

Adeel Hussain
Amazing value for money

Amazing value for money. Thick, sturdy, comfy and quite simple to assemble. The little one absolutely loves it and it will definitley be used again when baby#2 turns up!!

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