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Swoon Evolution Motion Baby Swing

Ref: A055020_UK
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Multi-motion electric baby swing rocker swing chair with 8 unique movements + 360° baby chair

  • Made For Mums Best Baby Rocker/Swing Winner 2023! read the review
  • 8 unique ultra-smooth movements
  • 360° seat rotation system
  • Seat can be adjusted to 5 positions: backrest (2 positions) and seat (3 positions) can be adjusted separately using one hand
  • Stylish, modern swing design featuring beautiful boucle knit fabric baby chair
  • Programmable swing time (10, 20 or 30 minutes)
  • Remote control included for setting the rocking, speed, timer and sound
  • Play arch with 3 sensory early learning toys, adjustable to 3 position
  • 12 lullabies with adjustable volume
  • Newborn insert and cover can be removed and machine-washed
  • 5-point harness
  • Mains power adapter included
  • Swing can be dismantled for ease of transport Lifetime warranty included
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The UK's No1 award-winning multi-motion baby swing to settle baby to sleep from birth

The Swoon Evolution combines 8 ultra-smooth swing movements with 5 speeds to mimic the soothing sensation of being in a parent's arms.

Its innovative 360° rotating seat system means your baby can be at the perfect interactive level and direction to engage with family life without having to move the swing itself. It has 5 seat reclining positions for rest and play which are easily adjustable with one hand to suit your baby. Its secure 5-point harness means your baby is completely safe in the chair from birth


Shop Swoon Evolution with Lifetime Warranty

Because the action we take today shapes the future of our children, Babymoov ensures this product carries a lifetime warranty Choosing Babymoov products with a Lifetime Warranty means you are choosing sustainability. They can also be repaired if you run into any problem to extend their lifespan. Our customer service team are always on-hand to help. Contact us by clicking on the 'help' button in the right hand corner of the screen at

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great bit of kit but limited lifespan

Great piece of solid kit which was assembled in around 40 minutes taking my time. Instructions straight forward. It’s a good size once you so ensure you have the space for it. Baby has taken to it with ease and it has lots of options on it so trial and error for us with these at the moment to suit what we require. My only thought would be that this is an expensive piece of baby equipment to say after around 5-6 months you probably won’t be using it. You’ve then got a large item you need to find a home for.

100% amazing

Sooo sooo so good ,it's unbelievable how good is for newborn !it's has music,figurines to distract and don't to mention lights and motion to keep your babie calm.The cushion it's great quality and very comfortable. The package it's quite big so be mindfully with that when ordering to already have a space for it! Great value of money and awsome product innovation to keep your babies tranquil and sleeps very well in it .

This is lovely, but it is heavy and might have a limited time span fo usage

I decided that in order to give it a thorough review we need to put it together. My husband took all the bits out of the box and it took about half an hour to put it together. This is a chunky piece of kit, but it does quite a lot. The seat is adjustable at the back and the front to change the babies sitting or sleeping position, the mobile has a mirror, a rattle and crinkly stuff in two of the hanging objects, which gives add play value. The harness and soft cotton cover all great functional and working.If I had a wish for this item, then I would say it would benefit from wheels. I am 58 and wouldn't dream of lifting this up and moving it around in the house. If you are a slight mum, you might struggle. The item is quite large in terms of it's footprint, but I could live with that in our house. If you had a small flat or a terraced house not so much.The item is well made, works well as you can see from the video, my husband might have scrolled through a bit too quickly for you to see the various different settings.I think it is going to have a limited life in terms of how soon a baby might outgrow this item. It really depends on how quickly your baby becomes a mover. My daughter was 4.5 months to crawl and 9 months to walk, she really hated sitting still. My son was a lot lazier, a thinker, a feeder, and would have loved to sit in this and ponder his toes!However, if you are the oldest of adult children, like the item and would like it as a gift perhaps you could get grandparents to buy it for you on the understanding that it will be passed down the family as your sibilings have children, that way the cost per child is reduced for all of you. Or you could re-sell it after you have finished with it.It is a lovely chair, but it is a premium item. There are a variety of other chair like swing chairs, some are a wee bit cheaper than this one. The advantage of it being up high is it keeps you away from pets on the floor and also being higher will be less cold than being near the floor.I like it, but the cost and the size is a little prohibitive for me. If you can afford it and can use it as a family for multiple children and across multiple households then perhaps it is worth it, as I suggested previously.

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