Extra transmitter for Premium care

Extra transmitter for Premium care

Ref : A014624

Look after two babies with an extra transmitter for your Premium Care audio baby monitor.

  • Operate with two transmitters, so you can look after two babies in different rooms using a single monitor
  • Digital Green Technology - minimum emission of electromagnetic waves, so safest for baby
  • Complete peace of mind that your little one is safe with high-quality clear sound
  • Multi-functional - also performs night light, lullaby, walkie-talkie and temperature sensor functions.
  • High quality sound, zero interference
  • VOX function (voice-activated)
  • Night light function (voice-activated or continuous)
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the microphone
  • Lullaby function
  • Walkie-talkie function


Regular price £49.99

Technical features

  • Emission power: 2,99 mW*
  • Frequency: 865 MHz
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries or mains operated (adapters included).