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Car & home adapted bottle warmer with 3 pre-programmed heating functions

  • STEAM function: Warm a bottle in as little as 80 seconds
  • Designed to warm bottles, pouches and food jars
  • Heating automatically adjusts to contents type to retain the highest level of nutrients
  • Gentle warming with 'bain marie' function for breast milk
  • Input the starting temperature of the milk (room temp, refrigerated or frozen)
  • Keep warm function
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Designed to gauge the precise heating time for the contents of your bottle

Simply enter the quantity of milk and temperature before heating and NutriSmart will adjust the warming temperature. This smart heating process is designed to retain 100% of the nutrients and also gives you as parents peace of mind that milk or food is defrosted and warmed thoroughly to a safe temperature for baby at the click of a button.

Choose from 3 pre-programmed one-button functions designed for both formula, breast milk food jars and pouches. The 'bain-marie' function heats gently with a max temperature of 65°C which is specifically suited to preserve the nutrients in breast milk. Alternatively for speed, you can warm a bottle in as little as 80 seconds (65 ml of water to 37°C) with the pre-programmed 'steam' function.

Quick prep for baby and minimal effort for parents.

Nutrismart helps to maximize on precious sleep time too - select the third pre-programmed function which programs NutriSmart to heat milk ready for a time that you choose (up to 12 hours ahead), so that you can have a bottle ready for baby exactly when it is needed, day and night! Quick prep for baby and minimal effort for parents.

  • NutriSmart is universal with all types of baby bottles, food jars and milk pouches (max. 8 cm diameter) maximizing the products longevity in your baby’s life from newborn through to weaning as well as quick meal warming too.
  • NutriSmart is ultra compact and easy to use at home or in the car. Car plug is included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mr C
Does the job.

Relies on you setting fiddly timer settings, but once set up, and you've fine tuned it after a few goes, it does the job.

Works well and works quickly

Very effective bottle warmer that works well and works quickly. Four stars.

Compact and useful

Great portable food warmer, compact and powerful, easy to store and to clean, perfect temperature all the time

Alex Jukes
Perfect temp milk every time

I really love the timer function on the bottle warmer, it allows you to input the bottle size, frozen, fridge or RT and the temperature you want. It then tells you a suggested time for warming which I’ve found to always be spot on. The bottles are thoroughly warmed with no hot spots. You can set the milk to start warming in 15 minutes/ 1 hour etc which I’ve found really handy if I’m going up to do her bath and pyjamas then her milk is ready when we come back down. There is a steam function or a Bain Marie, both work really well. The steam is faster if in a rush. You can plug this into the car. We took it on a long journey with us and intended to use it to give a warm bottle half way through the drive but she slept all the way through, really nice to know you can do this though.

Program to use and portable

Comes well presented in a cardboard box, you can see exactly what you're getting. You get the bottle warmer and an instruction booklet. The warmer is navy and silver in colour with its control panel on the front. It has a large opening so can fit most bottles. Weve been using mam bottles in there and they fit perfectly. It's easy to use, add water to the holder, 45ml if using steam mode or 120ml if bain Marie mode, select which mode setting, how much milk you have in the bottle, the temp; whether its room temperature, from the fridge or frozen and it suggest how much heating time is needed. It beeps if not enough waters been added and you need to wait 10 minutes before you can use it again. The timer on the display screen is clear and easy to read. It can heat a 65ml bottle in a minimum of 80 seconds using the steam heating function. It will keep babies bottles or food warm for up to an hour. It can be programmed to start heating in advance, from 15minutes up to 12 hours. More sturdy than placing a bottle in a jug of hot water, youre less likely to accidentally knock it over. Safer than a microwave, not over heating or causing hot spots. Easy to clean. It comes with 2 power cables, one for home use with a plug and the other to use in the cigarette plug in the car. Compact size, doesnt take up loads of worktop space and easy to take away with you. The instructions are clear to understanding and has a grid to help gauge heating times on different size bottles. It does state it's based on plastic bottles and glass bottles will take less time. A nice looking machine which can be taken anywhere with you.

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