Nutribaby+ XL Baby Food Maker

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6in1 XL capacity Baby Food Maker

  • Steam, blend, sterilise, reheat and defrost
  • Our largest capacity Nutribaby: 2.9L including 3 steam baskets for cooking multiple foods at once
  • Intuitive central control panel to set steamer, control blending speeds and other functions
  • Maximise nutrition: cooking juice vessel to catch lost nutrients + add back into blended foods
  • Navy, copper and blush colourway
  • Easy to clean: all the components, except the electrical parts, are removable and dishwasher-safe
  • Lifetime warranty included


The largest capacity Nutribaby+ XL Food Prep Maker: Ideal for batch cooking meals for weaning and beyond

  • Nutribaby+ XL is the multifunctional food prep maker including steaming, blending, sterilising bottles and small accessories, reheating and defrosting.

  • Nutribaby+ XL has the largest capacity of the Nutribaby range for parents wanting to batch cook large quantities of meals and prepare whole family meals too. Nutribaby+ XL includes 3 steam baskets which enables you to cook a variety of different foods at once: e.g vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fruits etc.

  • Nutribaby XL has an easy to use central control panel which operates all 6 functionalities (steaming , blending, sterilising, reheating and defrosting) by one button = one function. Hit the steamer button and set your desired steaming duration. For blending, hit the blender button and select your preferred blending speed (3 options: smooth, coarse or chunky.)

  • The ability to steam cook and blend simultaneously with Nutribaby+ XL means you can easily prepare one ingredient as a soft finger food and also as a puree. Offering both purees and finger foods to baby from the early stages of weaning is a great way to get them physically experiencing their food in various textures and forms and for developing co-ordination, speech and healthy eating habits too.

  • Nutrient-packed cooking juices (after steaming) from the cooking vessel can be collected and added back in to blended foods to adjust the texture of your purees and to ensure maximum nutrition is preserved for baby.

  • More efficiency, less energy consumption: Nutribaby food makers use 80% less energy versus cooking o the hob an using alternative blending devices* (calculation based on cooking 550g potatoes)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
One star for customer service

Received Nutribaby+ XL Baby Food Maker and it works perfectly. Would give 5 stars for it, however, I was trying to register for the lifetime warranty twice. Both times received an email saying that they have received a request for it. I’m more than two week haven’t received any confirmation for the warranty so tried the customer care number and help button a few times. No luck to reach anyone to talk to. Still waiting…
Very disappointed. What a waste of time

Game changer

This baby food maker is such a time saver for me. I can make puree really quickly in the morning and get things done while it’s steaming away. Easy to use however the instructions do seem a little complicated!

Time saving

Great little product as it has everything you need to effortlessly make fresh meals. The only thing that lets it down is the blender. It only provides a good blended purée if you’re making large quantities and use a lot of liquid. Other than that it’s amazing and we would recommend it.

Anthea Barnard
Nutribaby XL baby food maker

Bought for my grandson who is 6 months, wish I had bought it sooner. My daughter in law loves it and is stocking up the freezer with food. Works really well and although it is not huge you can make enough to stock up the freezer for a week’s worth of baby food. Saving a huge amount of money not buying jars and packets of food.

Hannah Thomson

Nutribaby(+) XL Baby Food Maker

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