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The intuitive, hygienic and speedy baby bottle prep machine in line with NHS guidelines*

  • Large capacity water tank 1.1L
  • Hygienic: Boil your water to 100°C to eliminate any bacteria
  • Quickly cools water to desired temperature thanks to built-in fan
  • Keeps water tank at desired temperature for up to 6 hours. (No need to boil new water each time you make a bottle!)
  • Easy care: stainless steel surface and "CLEAN" function


Milky Now enables parents to make baby bottles in the quickest and safest way

  • How does MILKY NOW work? As recommended in line with NHS guidelines bottles should be prepared with freshly boiled water (to 100C) that has been left for no longer than 30 minutes or cooled to 70C. 70C is the optimal water temperature to kill off any bacteria within formula.

  • MILKY NOW enables you to boil a full tank of water to 100C and then cool the water to 70C. MILKY NOW will also maintain your chosen temperature thanks to the "keep water hot"" function for up to 6 hours so that bottles are quick and easy to make on demand!


Easily prepare a whole tank of water ready for the night feeds!

  • EASY BOTTLE PREP AT NIGHT The water dispense button is pre-programmed to dispense 60ml. Push the button as many times as needed to add the correct amount for your formula quantity. (Typically 30ml per 1 scoop of formula but can differ from formula to formula)

Cool your prepared bottle/s to a comfortable warmth for baby or to room temperature from 70C in your fridge or under a cold tap. This is much quicker than cooling water straight from the kettle.

  • SPEEDY HOT DRINKS DISPENSER Use Milky Now for preparing your hot drink at the perfect temperature!

What are the benefits?

  • Ensures water used for baby bottles is 100% clean and bacteria-free by pre-boiling
  • Boil to 100C and bring water temperature down to 70C in 11 minutes! Guarantees bottle is prepared with 100% sterilsed formula and pre-boiled water which eliminates any risk of bacteria.
  • Use the same tank of pre-boiled water for making baby bottles in a 6 hour period rather than boiling fresh water every single time.
  • Make your own hot drinks quickly
  • Stylish and streamlined bottle prep unit for your kitchen. Compact for travel or taking on holiday.
  • MILKY NOW is easy to use as well as to clean: its water tank is made from stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene, and its ""CLEAN"" function makes it easy to clean all the water channels (the water boils for 3 minutes at 100°C). A handy tip to ensure maximum cleanliness: add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before pressing the ""CLEAN"" button 2 or 3 times.

Have a look to the WHO guidance on bottle feeding

Customer Reviews

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uncomplicated helper who does what he is supposed to do reliably!

When our daughter was born in February 2021, we had already tried out a "full" / fully automatic bottle maker - the Milquino Comfort.The recession for the Babymoov is thus based on previous experiences, but the Babymoov is not measured against the product mentioned, since they both bring different functional scopes / serve different requirements.Since this is about the Babymoov bottle maker, here is the short version of why the Milquino went back after initial euphoria and what makes the Babymoov stand out:I liked the concept of the Miquino made in Germany - "ready" prepared bottle, only manual mixing by shaking at the end - but less cleaning effort than with (fully) automatic machines, which mix the baby milk directly.In the end, however, it had serious design flaws, which became apparent after a short period of use.E.g.: powder ejection not above the position intended for the bottle; despite separate dispensing of water and powder, there was sticking to the dispensers; Etc.In the end we said to ourselves: We need a product that reliably and precisely dispenses the XY quantity of water, if possible it is best to "disinfect" the water beforehand, as is done with the Milquino using UV light.That's where the Babymoov comes in, doing just that for us!The hard pre-configured amount of water, which is let out of the device when the button is pressed once, corresponds exactly to 60 ml, as specified.We have successfully tested this several times with a laboratory measuring cup - we only found that the imprints on the baby bottles were not always 100% accurate.The Babymoov boils the water to 100° with the appropriate program and then (if necessary) cools it down to the previously selected temperature with a built-in fan.Boiling is quick - the Babymoov is no worse or better than the conventional kettle.The cooling of the water to the desired temperature still takes a while, of course, but is not a problem for us, since a look into the water container after the bottle has been given out is not a big problem and if necessary, new water is immediately boiled (+ cooled). ) will, is it running low?If you want to ACTIVELY let the water cool down, you will have to accept the fan noise, even if it was inconspicuous to us.In the evening we boil water again for the night, so that this is only necessary again at the (end) of the next day - in the quiet of the night the Babymoov can still be heard from the kitchen despite one floor difference - but for us at no disturbing frequency - or volume range at which we would lose sleep.If you choose (like we did) to keep the Babymoov water at a pre-selected temperature during its 6 hour cycle, then you have no delay in dispensing water for a baby bottle when needed.Tip for customers who do not want to leave the device switched on:Of course, the Babymoov needs a moment to bring the water in the container up to temperature again.Once this has happened, based on experience we recommend that you pour 60 ml into the bottle and pour the water back into the Babymoov.The first outlet after a cold start does not necessarily correspond to the water temperature in the container, since the "path" = the hose route to the outlet can still contain cold water - logical if you think about it ;)Speaking of the 6-hour cycle:As already mentioned, but also as can be seen from the product description, the Babymoov switches off automatically after 6 hours of operation if no input has been made by then.To reset this timer, simply press the "Temperature Plus" or "Minus" button, which does not trigger any actual function or change to the settings when pressed once.In my opinion, the Babymoov is not a "baby bottle maker", but rather a kettle with easy-to-use and precise water dispensing, which keeps the required water at the desired temperature.AND THAT'S GOOD!As mentioned at the beginning, this device has a smaller range of functions than (fully) automatic machines that prepare the bottle ready to use, BUT:The Babymoov does without any complexity and the associated problems / pitfalls, which I briefly outlined above using the Milquino as an example.The Babymoov just does what we expect it to do and it does it well!With regard to the preparation, it is easier for us to fill a scoop with milk powder from time to time, which is then simply added to the bottle in an "old school" way, than to constantly deal with design defects of other devices or their cleaning.Whym the Babymoov gets 4/5 stars from us despite all the conviction in use:As can already be seen from one or the other recession, the imprint on the operating elements - in most cases the most used button - the water dispenser - has come off very easily.The manufacturer should make a little improvement here and consider a more abrasion-resistant imprint or even other markings.For us, however, this does not detract from the first-class ease of preparing a baby bottle.To skeptics who think that you don't need such devices and that a simple kettle will do:Y...

Life just got a bit easier

Really good for powder feeds measures out the water perfectly at the right temperature.

Andrew C.
Much better than some reviews would have you expect

We bought one of these after our mamas and papas water bath bottle heaters both died and our Philips avent bottle heater was rubbish and never heated to a consistent temperature. In a nutshell this is a powered thermos flask with adjustable temperature facility. Fill to the max line and after pressing one button and the final temp you would like the water to be despensed at (we use 39 degrees) it boils the water and then a (slightly noisy) fan cools it to the requested temp which takes about 45 mins. However, whilst that might seem a long time, once you have done that you have 12 hours worth of on demand sterilised water at exactly the right temp. If you use powdered formula you can prepare individual portions of the power in advance so total time to dispence and prepare a 200ml bottle of mixed formula at the right temp takes just 1 minutes. (Mamas and papas took 5 and Philips avent took 6 mins+. Yes its a bit more expensive than a bottle water bath but when your baby is crying in the night getting a bottle ready in 1 minutes is a great result for a few more pounds.

R D Youngson
Not a Perfect Prep but better than a kettle

More consistent and less time consuming than using kettle. I use Mode 2 to boil and then switch to Mode 1 at 85ºC maximum setpoint. This works out perfect as the water is still above 70ºC in the bottle after being dispensed, to sterilise the formula powder as per NHS guidelines.

Love reviewing
An easier way to prepare bottles

This babymoov milky now is a really handy gadget to have. It has a large 1.1 l capacity and keep water hot function- which is the best option for preparing nearly instant bottles in the middle of the night. It also doubles up as a good kettle! The water can remain at the programmed temperature for up to 6 hours.There is a 100°C function on this machine which enables you to heat it to a sufficiently high temperature to destroy any potential bacteria and guarantee it is completely clean.It also has a built-in cooling system which means you only have to wait a few minutes for the water to be cooled back down to your initially required temperature.It takes a little bit longer than the perfect prep, and it seems like a long winded way of doing things, heat up, cool down etc etc, however, this way is so much easier (and safer) than the traditional old fashioned way of making bottles up. It is a nice looking and neat machine, and a clever bit of kit for the price which I think is very fair.

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