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Learn ISY 4-piece silicone meal set 15-24m Fox Babymoov

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Silicone meal set designed to support the development of your baby's fine motor skills

  • Complete mealtime kit: contains 1 bowl, 1 cup, 1 spoon and 1 bib
  • Perfectly designed for children aged 15 to 24 months
  • Hardwearing silicone divided bowl + non-slip suction pad
  • Suction pad on the bowl has a small tab to detach it from a table or tray
  • Straw cup with removable lid to help baby drink like a grown-up
  • Cup has two handles for easier grip, and two small feet for better stability
  • Bib has a food catcher and an adjustable notched opening
  • The perfect spoon for little mouths, made from soft, supple silicone for your baby's sensitive gums
  • 100% silicone: lightweight, strong and durable
  • 2 colours available: Blue Dog and Terracotta Fox
Color : Fox
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Eat Easy - with the Eats' ISY mealtime range for fine motor skills

To support fine motor skills at every stage from 6 months Accepting new foods, tastes and textures is an important phase in your child's development from the age of 6 months. As parents introducing your baby to a diversity of flavours and teaching them how to feed safely and independently is something we all want to encourage at the weaning stage. And because each stage is important, using the best mealtime accessories adapted to their age and capability makes these new discoveries that much easier and enjoyable for them.

Co-created specifically with child-care professionals As experts in weaning and feeding for baby for 25 years, Babymoov has worked with childcare professionals (occupational therapist, paediatricians and nutritionists) to develop the EAT'S ISY range: age-adapted mealtime accessories ergonomicallly designed to meet your baby's needs. 100% silicone and age specific, EAT'S ISY will help your child through all the stages of weaning and becoming independent."

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lovely weaning set

Really high quality silicon weaning set, and very cute. Comes in a smart cardboard presentation box so would make a nice gift for a little one. The sides on the divider plate are also nice and steep so makes it a bit easier for scooping food.


Can say its a super set for excellent price.Well made, good silicone material and lovely colour.Easy to clean it and easy to put it on.Such set comes in lovely box and surely can be great gift.Very satisfied with it.And surely can recommend it to all.

Jasmine T
perfect for independent feeding journey

I love how the feeding set looks. The colour is very neutral and the dog design is also super cute and appealing to children. The bowl has three compartments for seperating food and the handles are easy to hold. The bowl has suction on the bottom which makes it stick to the highchair tray or table so that the little one can't tip it over, move it around or throw it to the floor; making meal times a lot less messy! The unique baby's easy-grip spoon is perfectly sized for little hands and mouths. The cup also has two large loop handles which is easy to hold. The lid with straw is airtight and leak proof even if it is held upside down or thrown to the floor. The lid is removable so children can drink by holding the handles like agrown-up. The bib with a pouch is superb at collecting all of the drips and dropped bits of food and preventing them from going down the child's clothing or onto the floor. The pouch on the bib can then just be emptied and washed up really easily!This set is silicone, making it really lightweight and very easy to wipe down and clean. The packaging the product arrived in also looks really good and its well presented. It also makes a gift gift.

Red Balloon
A Dichotomy

Firstly, this is outstanding quality.The presentation box is designed to show off the product whilst also showing that a lot of thought has gone into that 'Basic Cardboard Box with Green Print'.There is printing on every surface of the presentation box.This is expensive marketing.The product itself the 'Baby Feeding Set'It consists of four items, as you can see.They are of exceptional quality and can't be flawed or snagged.If a child needed 5 years to be weaned this set would still be there in pristine condition, I believe.The colour scheme is subdued for a reason, these are not play things in colourful vivid colours, these items are functional.Very good, functionaland built to last.The Dichotomy is £34Price versus QualityI would fall on the Very Good Quality side and buy them.Recommended

Feels quality

The set is really cool and contains everything needed for a baby weaning set. All of the bits are made with a thick and soft silicone.You get a spoon, drinking cup with handles and a straw attachment, compartment plate and a bib. I really like the set! The bowl splash has a suction pad beneath it so you can stick it to your table or the baby's high chair eating area and it will be harder to knock over so less mess! It's cute and seems like hear quality.

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