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Kozii™ breast milk warmer and bottle warmer

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100% of the nutrients in breast milk

  • Thawing and warming breast milk, formula or meals in storage pouches or feeding bottles (glass, metal, or plastic)
  • Patented technology: preserving the nutrients in breast milk
  • Easy to use & Built-in timer
  • Automatic shut-off: 0 risk of overheating
  • 100% guaranteed BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free
  • Compatible with Twist™ products


Kozii™ is the first and only milk warmer that preserves 100% of the nutrients in breast milk.

The Kozii™ milk warmer's patented technology uses a continuous flow of warm water around the pouch or bottle to warm the contents gently. This process preserves all the nourishing elements of the breast milk: nutrients, proteins, and antibodies.
Take your pouch of breast milk or your feeding bottle, pour water into the Kozii™ tank, position your pouch or bottle, and simply set the timer for the recommended time (see table provided).

When the time has elapsed, the warm water drains back down into the tank and the Kozii™ bottle warmer shuts off automatically. Your storage pouch or feeding bottle does not overheat; the nutrients are intact!

The Kozii™ breast milk warmer is recommended for use alongside the Twist™ extended breastfeeding concept.

Customer Reviews

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Daisy Y

Warms the bottle up very quick and doesn't take up too much space

Kate Yang
Bottle Warmer

Does the job

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