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ISY Straw Cup Silicone

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The ergonomic soft silicone straw cup to help baby learn fine motor skills from 6 months

  • Straw cup for learning to drink
  • Eases the transition between bottle and a cup
  • Removable lid to avoid spills
  • Two handles for easier grip
  • Small feet for better stability
  • 100% silicone: soft, lightweight and hardwearing
  • Dishwasher-friendly


Eats' ISY Mealtime range for fine motor skills exclusive to Babymoov

To support fine motor skills at every stage from 6 months Accepting new foods, tastes and textures is an important phase in your child's development from the age of 6 months. As parents introducing your baby to a diversity of flavours and teaching them how to feed safely and independently is something we all want to encourage at the weaning stage. And because each stage is important, using the best mealtime accessories adapted to their age and capability makes these new discoveries that much easier and enjoyable for them.

Co-created specifically with child-care professionals As experts in weaning and feeding for baby for 25 years, Babymoov has worked with childcare professionals (occupational therapist, paediatricians and nutritionists) to develop the EAT'S ISY range: age-adapted mealtime accessories ergonomicallly designed to meet your baby's needs. 100% silicone and age specific, EAT'S ISY will help your child through all the stages of weaning and becoming independent."

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nice transitional cup for toddlers

The lid really secures on this. Made of silicone which is now very popular for baby's feeding items. Has a straw that attaches in the centre and there is a slit on the cup, sort of cup meets bottle. This is a transitional item to a proper cup. Easy to hold with two handles, attractive design.Easy to keep clean.

Use with or without the straw/lid, lovely design

This babymoov silicone cup arrives in lovely, recyclable packaging. The cup has a happy little animal face design and it's a beautiful sage green colour. It's very easy to wash and dry and the silicone is really soft. My 1 year old loves using it, probably because they're still breastfed, so they love the soft teat for the straw. The cup can be used as a straw cup or without the lid, as a normal open cup with two handles. Just be aware that the cup will leak, when used as a straw cup, if your little one holds it upside down or thrashes it around!All in all, it's a lovely product and I'm very happy with it and glad to recommend.

Almost leak proof! Very practical.

My video has more detail but in short it's a good size, good design to avoid leaks in supervised use and nice eco friendly packaging.

nicola hickman
Lovely soft rubbery cup

I love this cup!!It's made of soft rubbery material so won't break if dropped.There's a straw inside that connect to the drinking tube.Great for learning to use a cup from a bottle.It's just a really cute cup

d fd f
Cute and good cup

Great for little starters. It doesn't leak and if it drops it doesn't break!!

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