Handy Care 500m Zero Emission Audio Monitor

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The essential audio baby monitor featuring improved VOX mode with zero emissions and generous 500m range

  • Sleep technology: no waves emitted between the two units unless a noise is detected
  • Clear sound, zero interference
  • Audible and visual alert
  • Long battery life (12 hours)
  • Walkie-talkie function
  • Built-in moon nightlight

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Featuring "Sleep technology" Improved VOX mode

**The Sleep technology function can be activated and deactivated from the baby unit. If you activate it, there is a sound or light alert if your baby makes a noise. Sleep technology mode enables you to save energy whilst extending the battery life of the parent unit.

In addition, while this mode is activated your baby will not be exposed to any wave emissions during their sleep, giving you peace of mind.

The Walkie-Talkie mode on the Handy Care baby monitor means you can talk to your baby from your parent unit. This function is reassuring for you as well as for your baby, who can hear your voice from their cot.

This baby monitor also has a nightlight in the shape of a moon. It emits a soft and soothing light in your baby's nursery.

Finally, the Handy Care baby monitor clips easily onto your belt so you can take it anywhere with you for visits to grandparents, on holiday etc. Its compact size means it takes up little space in your changing bag.

You'll love the Handy Care baby monitor with its Sleep technology, ultra practical functions and ease of use. Not forgetting its unique design, neutral colour pallette and soft edges to suit an ambient nursery setting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazon Customer
Great monitors

The monitor/parent unit look great, and the fact they can be used with batteries is fantastic.The audio quality is great, can really understand what my son is saying and the tall back feature is a massive plus (again, is really clear)One point to note, to make the VOX (night mode) to activate, don’t have the sensitivity set to maximum or it will never kick in! I almost sent it back as I couldn’t understand why I had constant white noise from my receiver unit when VOX was activated.As noted by loads of reviews, only downside really is the lack of battery level indicator so you don’t actually know when you need to plug in!

Captain BMW
Great customer service for this if any issue

Good investment for baby and mother from dad: We got it first time for our first baby very sensitive and low radiation compared to video monitors. First one stopped working after 2 months we complained and asked customer after sales care they were very helpful on phone refunded us and we bought another one again same one on black friday sale. Good investment for baby and mother

Emjay Kardini
Decent Audio Monitor

This is an excellent audio monitor, We do have a video monitor, but we use this also to pick up sounds etc by placing this closer to our 10 month year old. The range is also excellent we can even pick up the audio from the edge of the drive.The only downside is that the product doesnt have a battery meter so I can tell when to charge the monitor back up so i tend to overcharge the product when I probably dont need to, I think for the cost of the product having a battery meter is essential. However, in terms of its main function it does an excellent job.

Good sound and good quality

I was keen to try this kit although it did seem a bit expensive. After now trying it, it's definitely good quality but I still think a little on the expensive side. That being said, the range is fantastic with receiver at far end of the house from the transmitter and it still works clearly. Lights show sound when the volume is turned down so you can still keep an eye on the monitor if there's a lot of noise, picks up even the quietest of sounds in the room. I've taken to charge the unit daily as there's no battery notification and it always last the night with no issues. Great quality and good kit, very happy with it.

Long range monitors

Long range monitorsExcellent coverage and allows me to hear when my baby wakes and needs dealing with

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