Easy Care 500m range low emission audio Baby Monitor

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Sale price£59.99 17 reviews

Easy to use, 500m audio baby monitor with 2 alarms

  • Low emission exposure to baby thanks to Digital Green Technology.
  • 500m range allows you to listen to baby from anywhere in the house
  • VOX Function (voice activated)
  • 2 alarms: visual and audio
  • Adjustable volume
  • Automatic channel search
  • Clear sound, zero interference
  • Battery level indicator
  • Belt clip (on the receiver)
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The feature-rich, low emission audio baby monitor

The Easy Care baby monitor provides clear sound with zero interference, a voice activation mode and both audio and visual alarms. Our Digital Green Technology means Easy Care has low emission power levels, reducing any impact to their health.

  • VOX mode enables a 'sleep' mode for your monitor which means it will preserve the battery life for longer while still transmitting any sound detected from baby. VOX mode also allows a level of sensitivity to background noise so that it will not be activated by muffled background noise, music, outside sounds if you prefer.

  • Integrated night light function: diffuses a soft and reassuring light in your child's room
  • And for maximum freedom, both units run on batteries or using a micro-USB cable provided (plug not included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
5 stars!!!

Absolutely love them, so easy to use, if you want to just listen in, buy them, the range is amazing - we had dinner at the neighbours house so we could jump back if the toddler woke up, no reception issues at all. Highly recommend!

J D Edwards
Value for money, works very well, good at distance

Perfect, works very well, good volume. Recommended.

Great device

Excellent device, however volume is slightly lower than older model. Adaptor plug should have been included.


Really like these. Our 3 year old has just gone in with our 7 year old to make room for their new sibling so we use these for them - easy to use and good sound quality. The nightlight means we don’t have to keep a landing light on too.

Functional and compact

This set was much smaller than expected, but it has all the functionality we want and it's easy to carry around in a pocket or locked to a belt.You require batteries if you want to take advantage of the portability and they are not supplied.It seems reliable and it is super easy to use. I have to say that the price of nearly £60 might be a bit steep for comparative products on the market - especially as batteries are not included - and it's not a high end product. But it works well and my friend fiends it very useful in her flat.

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