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BIB' Isy Silicone pocket Bibs Twinpack

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100% Food Grade Silicone Wipeable Pocket Bibs twin pack, for less messy mealtimes. 6 months +

  • Pack of 2 silicone bibs
  • Curved silicone pocket to catch food
  • Adjustable collar fastening
  • 100% waterproof silicone
  • Lightweight and comfortable wearing silicone material
  • Easy to clean: wash in the dishwasher or by hand


Soft Silicone pocket bibs to reduce food waste

**As your baby starts to feed themselves independently and explore new foods, food mess is inevitable! With the Babymoov Bib' ISY pocket bibs, baby can explore foods while protecting clothes from stains and reduce food waste thanks to the pocket style to catch any dropped food.

With an adjustable notched fastening around the neck, these bibs are comfortable and soft for baby to wear during mealtimes, Made from silicone, they are long-lasting and adjustable as your child grows.



Eat EASY with the NEW EATS' ISY mealtime range

  • To support fine motor skills at every stage from 6 months Accepting new foods, tastes and textures is an important phase in your child's development from the age of 6 months. As parents introducing your baby to a diversity of flavours and teaching them how to feed safely and independently is something we all want to encourage at the weaning stage. And because each stage is important, using the best mealtime accessories adapted to their age and capability makes these new discoveries that much easier and enjoyable for them.

  • Co-created specifically with child-care professionals As experts in weaning and feeding for baby for 25 years, Babymoov has worked with childcare professionals (occupational therapist, paediatricians and nutritionists) to develop the EAT'S ISY range: age-adapted mealtime accessories ergonomicallly designed to meet your baby's needs. 100% silicone and age specific, EAT'S ISY will help your child through all the stages of weaning and becoming independent.

Customer Reviews

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Victor & Alejandra
Good quality

Good quality, great design and colour, it looks durable, value for money

Soft well made silicone bibs

Although the packaging says these bibs are suitable for 0+, realistically they won't be used until baby will be several months older. But it does indicate how soft and safe these are for babies, especially as they are guaranteed from being free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. The material is soft, thick and very smooth to the touch, and they flop, hug and wrap around little torsos really well. The silicone means the bibs are easy to wipe down, easy to stretch button holes to attach and remove and should last a long time as they're adjustable at 4 different points. They can be put in the dishwasher, but I wouldn't know how long the design on them would last as they're only applied on the surface. I like how deep the food troughs are to catch every little bit of liquid and mess, and the design on them are so cute. Comes with paper/cardboard packaging which would make them a nice gift as well.

Tried, tested and...
Easy to clean - Good size adjustment - Keeps mess in place

This is great to avoid the usual mess that would otherwise gather in the high chair while you little one eats. The silicone like material makes them easy and quick to wash after use and depending on the food, if its still edible, it can be easily taken out the catch area and put back on the plate (great for peas etc). Our little one doesn't mind it at all and as it has a little bit of weight it sits neatly in place. Good design for sizing and comfort.

Cute and good quality

These bibs are cute, and also good quality.Nice and soft.They fit well, and easy to adjust.These bibs are wipeable, it’s really easy to clean them.I would recommend them.

Happy 2022Happy 2022
Cute and strong

This baby bibs were well made, feels strong and durable, cute design and can be easily wiped by wet tissues.

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