Barnaby Plush Cuddly Strawberry Projector Nightlight

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The Plush Strawberry Character nightlight for bedtime

  • Soft and multi-textured soft toy for baby from 6 months
  • Unique projection for a soft lighting effect
  • Seated or lying down position
  • 5 soothing tunes and 2 white noises to calm baby
  • Automatic programming: stops after 30 minutes
  • Independent nightlight and lullaby modes
  • Battery-operated for greater freedom
  • Soft toy is machine washable (removable case)
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Barnaby, the soft plush cuddly projector nightlight for drifting off to sleep

Our soft strawberry Nightlight character, Barnaby is your child's night light companion with light projection, music and white noise!

Barnaby is one of the Chubbies, a family of roly-poly little characters who live in the Firefly forest!

With this night light's unique projection system, baby drifts off to sleep amid the soothing backdrop of the Chubbies' magical forest. Seated or lying down, it's up to you to choose where you want to project the images in the room.

Our night light also comes with 5 unique tunes designed to immerse baby in the magical world of the Chubbies (music created by Jane Deau) and 2 white noises to help them relax.

The Barnaby night light is easy to use; you can choose music or white noise, adjust the volume and activate the projection separately. The night light is automatically programmed to turn itself onto standby after 30 minutes if not touched. No more risk of waking your baby when you tip-toe into their nursery to turn it off!

Its tubby tummy gives it a fun, cute look. This soft toy is crying out for cuddles with its long arms and legs. And to help stimulate baby's sense of touch, Barnaby also has different textures such as velvet, soft texture, crinkly paper in his little yellow leaf, etc.

This night light is battery-operated and portable, making it ideal for trips out and travelling.

The soft toy can be separated from the nightlight so you can machine wash the soft toy without damaging the nightlight. Simply pop the nightlight back into Barnaby when he's washed and dried.

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