Night Light Projector Musical Lulu Cuddly Sheep Badabulle

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The washable plush cuddly sheep starry night projector Nightlight with lullabies

  • Musical night light for babies, featuring 10 lullabies and 2 white noise sounds
  • Comforting and soft sheep toy for your little one to enjoy all day long
  • Relaxing baby light projector with multi-coloured stars
  • Automatic shut-off (light and sound) after 30 minutes
  • Cuddly toy part is washable, simply remove the light box inside
  • Battery operated 3 x AAA (not included)


Gentle and comforting, Lulu the sheep night light is perfect for reassuring your baby at bedtime!

This Badabulle projector night light transforms your baby’s nursery into a multi-coloured starry sky, making it the perfect soft, magical night light to reassure them at bedtime. Or, for a change, you can set the baby night lamp projector to a restful colour-changing glow. The Lulu musical night light also features ten lullabies and two white noise sounds (heartbeat and nature) to relax your baby and ease them into a gentle sleep.



The best baby night light projector with music for gentle sleep

This baby sensory light projector can be tailored to your little one, turning their bedtime into a magical sensory experience. You have the option to operate the sound and light independently to suit your baby’s needs, and the baby sleep projector can be set to switch off automatically after 30 minutes.

Cuddly and soft, this sweet sheep night light doubles up as a soft toy for your baby to snuggle up to – so it’s suitable for use in their crib. The night light is fully removable, so you can hand-wash the soft toy to keep it clean and tidy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Really lovely product

My little one has used this from birth and she is now 2 years old and still loves it. It is soft and cuddly and easy to operate. I love the lights and the sounds. The volume option is perfect for a little one. Can't fault this product in any way.

Not so cuddly and but effective

A really lovely night light, but not really cuddly. Ideally suited to s shelf and bedside table, the light is really effective. Not bright enough to read a book by, but its soothing light offers night-time peace. Lovely item. Just not cuddly.

Castle Reviews
Nice Toy

This is a very nice toy for babies. Its basically a soft toy with a sound and light box which sits in the middle of the soft toy. The sound box acts as a nightlight which projects stars onto the ceiling and plays lullabies at the same time.The sound and lightbox is easy to use. It has 12 different lullabies and they can be easily selected with the use of four buttons. You can set the volume via the buttons. The sound reproduction is not great, but adequate for what it is supposed to do. You can set the sound and lights to be coordinate. The unit needs batteries and are easy to install but sit in a child proof box.Overall this is a nice product and one that helps to send babies off to sleep. Recommended.

Cute projector

In the early days of having a baby that does not easily you would look to anything to try and settle all distract them at night. This is an excellent and very cute little sheep sheep 20 each project is a story light pattern onto the ceiling as well as offering 12 different sounds to help to see you then settle your baby. I have tried a few similar products and most of them are good enough however this one is particularly nice because it is quite soft and you could theoretically leave it at the side of a cot without a fear of it causing any action to your baby. That being said however I would probably recommend leaving it on a bedside table just in case. Overall this was very simple and intuitive to use and I really didn’t need to refer to the instructions. The sheep is slightly unusual looking friendly and could be used for any babies. Even our Toddker enjoyed looking at the stars on the ceiling while listening to soothing music at bedtime. This is smaller than the summer infant designs but softer ab more tactile.

Mr. & Mrs G. C. Stone
How very cute.

This is a lovely item, it is cuddly but functional. I wouldn't be scared if a young child got hold of this item. It projects a comforting light, and not something that will disturb their sleep. The sheep fits in in a nursery and would be a lovely gift either for a young baby's birthday or as a baby shower present.

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