Baby Cocoon Organic Cotton Babymoov Doomoo

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Organic Cotton breathable and extendable baby cocoon 0-6 months

  • Complies with all safety testing for safe use overnight
  • Helps to transition and soothe baby from the womb
  • Cocoon extends at the bottom (use from birth to 6 months)
  • Made with soft organic cotton jersey
  • Micro-breathable 3D fabric in the head area
  • Removable cover, machine-washable at 30°
  • Additional cocoon cover (sold separately)
Colour : Grey Boats


The Babymoov Cocoon baby nest is wonderfully soft for your baby

Made-to-measure: The Cocoon baby nest is designed to reassure baby. It creates a comfortable, made-to-measure space for your baby, whether they are in their cot, playpen or elsewhere. At the head, the Cocoon is made from micro-breathable 3D fabric. A great way to improve your baby's well-being and safety. The back section and sides are made from organic cotton jersey to care for your baby's sensitive skin. Your baby is comfortably positioned on their back (in accordance with WHO recommendations).

Adaptable: The Cocoon baby nest adjusts as your little one grows. The bottom of the nest opens to create more room for their little legs

Hygienic: The Cocoon baby nest is practical and hygienic. It has a removable and machine-washable cover.

Additional Washable Cover Available: Perfect for inbetween washing your main cover, our super soft white and grey marl Doomoo Cocoon spare cover is made from the same breathable organic cotton!

What makes the doomoo Cocoon safe for overnight sleep?

Doomoo Cocoon can be used overnight unsupervised due to compliance of materials and construction compared to other relevant overnight sleeping products for babies. The product has a firm roll surrounding baby which is constructed with highly breathable 3D mesh specifically to address concerns of suffocation and eliminates the risk of over-heating when a baby is unattended. Doomoo Cocoon has been through a risk-based assessment in an external laboratory according to use in a bed or in a playpen.

Our firm (but comfortable) mattress complies with general Paediatric recommendations. We also recommend that the child is placed on their back on a firm, flat surface. Doomoo Cocoon cover is machine-washable to ensure compliance with hygiene requirements for sleep products also.

What tests has it passed and who accredits them?

The Doomoo Cocoon design was created in accordance with the most up to date and relevant safe sleep guidelines for babies. We rely on the analysis of several accredited and independent laboratories such as SGS and Bureau Veritas. Babymoov also works in collaboration with various stakeholders (laboratories, doctors, supervisory authorities and other manufacturers) to pool common safety requirements for products within a child’s sleeping environment. Doomoo Cocoon has undergone comprehensive risk assessment and safety testing which enables babymoov to claim that this product is safe and fit for overnight use. Extensive testing including flammability, suffocation risk via the cocoon walls and risk of falling if the product is used on a high surface was also carried out on this product. Chemical testing has also been assessed for the Doomoo cocoon, which confirms our organic materials used on this cocoon strictly comply with REACH regulation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

When my little boy out grew this I took the insert out and put under his cot bedsheet around the edge stopped him rolling into the sides of the cot, kept him feeling snug & secure and he is still in there ages 2 1/2

William Orourke
Brilliant addition to kanga bed side sleeper

Brilliant addition to make the bedside cot seem a little smaller, also used in the baby elegance travel cot Co sleeper and with no issues transferring from one to the other, bought in desperation one night when baby refused to sleep in a bed and wanted something to safely Co sleep with but now hell go asleep anywhere once this is there! Delighted with it and a great price also!

Lisa beard
Love it

Putting the base sponge back in the cover is tricky but it stops my twins moving around the cot, I should of got this in stead of moses baskets, its the best as my twins sleeps all night plus keeps them cosy

Great quality.

Bought this for my friend's baby. They love it.

Do what works for YOUR baby!

So I tried the cot next to my bed, I tried letting my baby sleep in my arms, the only place where she got good quality sleep was on my bed which meant I had to stay awake to keep her safe. It was brutal and traumatic for both of us. So I searched for help and after research I decided to try a baby nest but couldn’t afford an expensive Dock-A-Tot and found this (in my opinion is actually better long term use) I have not looked back since. It took a few days for her to get used to it but that was a couple of months ago and now she’s getting 8-12 hours deep, good quality sleep. As a new parent you’re going to be told so many different things, some advice that will scare you but leave you and your baby miserable when you’re on your own and no one is there to help you. Please do what works for your child, for me it was adapting what she needed to get good quality sleep for both of us. I’m so grateful I found this baby nest.

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