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Video Baby Monitors: What is FHSS technology?

Video Baby Monitors: What is FHSS technology?

While the popularity of smart connected baby monitors has grown over the years with parents preferring to plug into their phone to monitor baby, did you know that internet connected devices including wifi connected baby monitors pose a higher risk of being hacked without proper security features.

At Babymoov safety of your child and peace of mind for parents with our baby monitors is the ultimate priority. Babymoov YOO video monitors - featuring the multi-award winning YOO Moov 360-degree motorised camera – offer an entirely secure device connection, sound and picture quality with a much less reduced risk of being hacked thanks to the use of FHSS technology. Read on to find out what FHSS means and how it could be safer for you and your baby at home.

 What is FHSS technology and what are the benefits?

FHSS technology stands for 'Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum' transmission which is the repeated switching of the carrier frequency during radio transmission to reduce interference and avoid interception. This technology (used within all Babymoov YOO video monitors ensures a secure, encryted connection between camera and parent unit with a considerably reduced risk of interception compared to other video monitors that don’t use this technology.

Much like ‘smart connected’ baby monitors, the Babymoov YOO video monitor range enables you to watch, talk to and soothe your baby from a distance and features a variety of high-quality sensors to give you peace of mind when you are not in the room next to them.

YOO Video monitors feature anti-hacking FHSS technology

 (YOO Travel - the wireless video monitor in the range - also feature anti-hacking FHSS technology)

4 Babymoov YOO Video Monitor features designed to give you peace of mind:


Voice-activated (VOX mode)

 If you’re energy-conscious, you can activate VOX mode. In this mode, the sound activated baby monitor screen will switch on only at the sound of your baby, and you'll receive an alert with a visual or audible alarm. This feature is also excellent for preserving battery life to avoid having to recharge your monitor so often.


Connect up to 4 cameras to the parent screen

The beauty of connecting your monitor camera to a dedicated parent unit ensures a robust and secure connection at all times, not least the ability to connect up to 4 of our camera to one parent unit so that if your family grows, you can monitor up to 4 different rooms from one high quality colour screen. If that wasn’t convenient enough, the VOX mode also works between the 4 cameras so that whichever camera picks up sound, that camera will activate the screen to that room automatically.


360-degree motorized camera movement

Designed to be versatile for large nursery’s, twins or multiple children in one room, you have complete 360-degree control of the baby camera so you can see your child from anywhere in the room.


Wall-mounting bracket to keep away from little hands

The YOO Moov and YOO See video baby monitors come as standard with a discrete, easy-to-install wall-mounting case if you don’t have a close by surface to stand your baby monitor or to keep little hands away from your baby camera.


The only baby monitor brand with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

 Did you know that all babymoov electricals come with a Lifetime Warranty. Register your monitor within 2 months of purchase at and guarantee the use of our free aftercare service including product advice, replacement parts, spare parts and complete replacement in the event that you should have any issues with your baby monitor. Find out more about our brand Lifetime Warranty today.

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