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YOO See 250-metre range Video Baby Monitor

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YOO See 250m Video Baby Monitor

  • High quality 2.4” digital screen
  • One button = One function menu
  • Recently awarded the LONGTIME LABEL
  • VOX Function (Voice activated)
  • Clear sound with zero interference
  • Talk Back – respond to baby from anywhere in the house
  • Automatic channel selection
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Adjustable volume
  • Includes wall-mounting kit
  • X2 Zoom
  • 250m range
  • Excellent night vision
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The Essential choice YOO-See is the ultra-compact, long range video monitor with wall-mounting kit!

Keep an eye on baby at all times with the intuitive YOO-See, designed for parents who want everyday simplicity and practicality. The high quality 2.4” screen, excellent night vision and 250m range offer complete peace of mind from anywhere in the house. A YOO baby monitor enables you to go about everyday life while being totally committed as a parent. YOO-See is designed for parents looking for a video monitor offering simplicity and complete peace of mind when watching over baby. The “One Button = One Function” menu means that YOO-See is an easy-to-use, practical monitor for everyone. It’s also flexible to suit any nursery: YOO-See includes a wall-mounting kit for keeping the monitor away from little hands and to give you the best view of baby within any room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Excellent monitor. No issues with it and a decent price. Recommend

Works better second time round... So far at least!

I wanted a simple baby monitor that did the basics, was pleasing to the eye, and was good quality. This ticked all those boxes (though was quite expensive), until it stopped working after just a few months. It kept turning itself off. For many months I just kept turning it back on, but eventually I gave up, as it would turn off over and over again. The charger also didn't attach snugly, and would sometimes fall out, or at least move enough to stop charging. I still couldn't find another monitor I liked more, so I reluctantly paid the high price for another Babymoov YOO See. It's doing better so far this time, though has recently started randomly beeping to say there is no signal a few times 🤷 I really like the monitor, especially the hook at the top, so you can carry it around easily. I like the small size too, as I can carry it around in some of my pockets. It's still big enough to get a decent enough picture though. Battery charge could be better. If my son has a 2hr nap during the day, then it often dies in the evening before going up to bed (where I charge it over night), but it's not a big deal, as doesn't take a minute to bring the charger down if it doesn't last til bedtime. Such a shame I've had to buy this twice, but overall, it is a very nice monitor.

Working Class Hero

This is a good monitor for the price. If you're not after lots of functions and just want to keep tabs on your baby, then I'd recommend it. After researching various makes and models, this fit the bill perfectly.Pros1. Very easy to set up and the interface is simple to use2. Great image quality3. Lightweight so it's good for travelling4. Good battery life. Lasts for at least 5 hours before needing a recharge. Will possibly last longer but I've not tested it5. Uses a standard micro usb cable for chargingCons1. Display has a poor refresh rate so any motion is quite jerky and delayed2. VOX is very sensitive even on the lowest setting so very small sounds are picked up3. No mount on the camera for a tripod so you have to balance it on a shelf or fix it to a wall - not as versatile if you travel a lot.

Great product but quite a few features which got to me over time

Night vision is stand out for sure. can set the sensitivity. Took me a couple of weeks to realise there's a stand tucked into the back to put it uprightUpdate: 5 months later and there's so many features which I feel it is missing. Now that the baby is moving around the cot, occasionally I'd like to zoom. But I cannot pan the zoom, it similar zooms to centre and then out only.There's a very small margin where if the light is dim where the camera cannot decide if night mode or daylight mode is required, and the result is not being able to see anything as it holding daylight mode, should be able to pick ourselves.The volume on the handheld does not get loud enough, if I'm with family I have to constantly check the monitor screen as I can't rely on just hearing the baby cry. On the whole it's great, but there's enough of these niggly things that I wouldn't recommend nor would I purchase again.

Reliable but if you need to use it plug-free, this is not for you

We had a previous Motorola video monitor, which had some better features than this one. But first, the things we did like:- The monitor provides a good quality image, which you can clearly see either during the day or at night.- The receiver is easy to use and very light.- Both use a very common charger so when we went on holidays and took the monitor, we could use our smartphone charger to charge the receiver.- You can talk to your baby/child through the monitor. We only use this feature during the day if our five year old daughter would like to ask a quick question, but it is still handy.There are a couple of things though, that we weren't very keen on:- the receiver battery doesn't last very long, so if you need it for more than a couple of hours, even without the image being displayed, it will need to be plugged in.- you need to adjust the position of the camera manually before you leave the room. We preferred the motorised camera that you could control from the receiver.So, it depends what you are looking for - this is definitely reliable and it has lasted well over a few months but I prefer some of the added features of the Motorola.

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