Kick-start Weaning With

Kick-start Weaning With

The arrival of a child turns the life of a couple upside down. When your baby makes their first appearance, everything needs to be reconsidered. When it comes to the kitchen in particular, you’re probably going to need more than a microwave, a toaster and the latest coffee machine...

Indeed, after six months of bottle or breast-feeding, the baby will gradually discover solid foods. This is a great learning experience to share together, a daily exchange full of love and patience and of course, a matter of taste!

For many parents, there is a strong desire to prepare healthy, homemade meals full of vitamins and flavours. This is why Babymoov created Nutribaby - the 1st food processor that makes real gourmet baby food! On this occasion, Babymoov moves away from baby food jars to pots and pans, and provides unique recipes for both babies and their parents via our blog: La Cuisine de Bébé.

'Cooking Baby Food': Baby Recipe Blog Dedicated To Parents is a blog powered by Babymoov. Here you will find some great ideas for recipes that you can make for your baby, as well as tips on what foods to give your baby as they grow. We also provide recommendations regarding allergies, advice to get your child to eat vegetables and ways to discover new flavours and textures, not to mention special features like the Food of the Week!

Get it on your smartphone!

Babymoov has launched its first mobile application specially dedicated to food for baby! There are already more than 100 recipes and 50 files providing useful tips on the app, with new content shared directly from our blog on a regular basis.  Learn how to easily make sweet or savoury recipes step by step using the Nutribaby!

Available on Play Store and Apple Store Now


In the app, you can search by foodstuff or age, and even find specific recipes for mums-to-be or breastfeeding mums. “Cooking Babyfood” is an application designed with babies, mums-to-be and new mums in mind. And, because each child is different, the app is also fully customisable. Consequently, you can create a personal account and add the age and favourite foods of each of your children. 


Once you’ve created your child’s profile, you will get a selection of recipes based around their preferences and you can also register for suggestions as soon as a new recipe becomes available.

You can then add your favourite recipes to your personal page and add comments if you like.

This application will quickly become an essential friend when it comes to varying your child’s diet!

'Cooking Babyfood' can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple Store.


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