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YOO Monitors

The battery in my video monitor doesn't seem to be charging, what should I do?

Try our 'quick fix'...

1. Remove the battery from the unit entirely, unplug the battery at the little white plug inside the unit.

2. Plug your unit into the mains WITHOUT the battery in it and switch it on. 

3. Unplug the unit and insert the battery back into the unit.

4. Plug your unit back into the mains and charging of the battery should be resolved.


Why does the monitor screen keep switching off when I'm using it?

You may have the VOX (voice-activated technology) mode on so that the screen will only come on when baby makes a sound. If you do not want this feature, you can simply switch this off within the menu.


Can I use VOX mode with YOO Moov and an additional camera?

Yes, you can! Simply switch the receiver onto 'scan' mode and the receiver will automatically switch between the screens.


Pairing the camera to the Parent Unit – Yoo-Travel

1. Make sure that the camera is switched off before starting the pairing process. Enter the main menu by pressing the magnifying glass on the Parent unit and select ‘matching’ using the down arrow on the touch pad. Press the ON/OFF button to confirm.

2 ‘Baby 1’ means that camera one is configured to the parent unit. You can add up to 4 cameras if you wish. Select ‘baby’. Click on the ON/OFF button and select the camera of your choice by using the up and down arrows. (1 to 4) Press the ON/OFF button to select your choice.

3 To start the pairing with the camera, select ‘Pairing’ using the ON/OFF button on the parent unit. The connection icon will flash for 15 seconds. Press the ON/OFF button on the camera until the battery icon shows then blinks on the parent unit, you can then release the ON/OFF button on the camera. If the camera has been successfully paired the parent unit will display the image being transmitted by the camera and the letter next to pairing will be Y instead of N.


What wave frequency is the audio monitor range?

Emission power: 2,99 mW

Frequency: 865 MHz




Mum + b pillow

How do I undo the zip on the cushion to wash the cover?

Use a paper clip or something similar to hook out the zip head. Our zips are all designed this way as a safety measure when using with small children.



What are the differences between the Nutribaby and Nutribaby(+)?

1) The Nutribaby+ can be used to blend and steam at the same time, the Nutribaby classic is just one at a time, so steam first then blend. The Nutribaby classic has a stand-alone blender, the Nutribaby+ has a stand-alone steamer.

2) The Nutribaby+ has three different speeds on the blender so you can have different consistencies of food.

3) The Nutribaby+ has a removable blade for easier cleaning. 4) The Nutribaby+ has an improved interface with soft touch finishes. One button = one function.


What is the difference between the Nutribaby+ and Nutribaby+ XL?

Nutribaby(+) XL has an additional steam basket increasing the steaming capacity from 1500ml to 2250ml. Nutribaby+ XL comes in the popular navy and copper colourway.

The blending jug is not working

Ensure you have pulled out the connector tab from the central unit and click the blender into the connector to start.



How to clean the Nutribaby(+)

Clean the blender jug simply with washing up liquid and hot water


The Calc icon is lit up

This light indicates every 50 steaming cycles and is a prompt to perform the descaling process


The droplet symbol is lit up

This indicates that the steaming unit is out of water. Press the OK button for 5 seconds and add water. If the droplet symbol is still on you will need to RESET. To RESET press the two arrows and the ON/OFF button at the same time.


The product stops before finishing the cooking/sterilsing/heating cycle

This indicates limescale build-up. Follow the steps for descaling your Nutribaby(+)/XL

1. Pour 100ml of water and 100ml of white vinegar into the water tank.

2. Let it sit for 1-2 hours (ensure your appliance is not plugged in)

3. Empty the water tank and wipe out the inside of the tank and heating unit with a wet cloth

4. Hold down OK for 5 seconds to make the calc icon disappear

NOTE: 50 cycles is an average estimate. Descaling may need to be carried out more often depending on your water quality and hardness.


I'm missing a part from my new Nutribaby+! 

You may have our newest model which has slightly different parts. Please click here for the product page on our website, scroll down past the videos and you will find both instruction manuals to download. Click on the NEW manual and double check! If you need any help at all, please contact our Customer Service Advisor, call or WhatsApp 07511 157068


Turbo Pure

The Turbo Pure droplet icon is flashing blue

After 50 sterilsation and/or drying cycles, the droplet icon will turn blue. This indicates that your Turbo Pure should be descaled.


How to descale Turbo Pure

1. Remove the remaining water in the tank with a sponge or a cloth.

2. Mix 50ml of hot water with 100ml of white vinegar and pour the solution into the tank

3. Leave to stand for a minimum of 2 hours and then empty the tank. Also leave the steam arms to soak in the same solution

4. Run a sterilsation cycle to remove any white vinegar odour or residue

5. Once the cycle is complete, press 'OK' and hold for 5 seconds to reset. The blue droplet icon will turn off. If you do not press 'OK' - even though the unit is switched off and on again - the blue droplet icon turns on again.


The Turbo Pure droplet icon turns orange followed by 5 quick warning beeps

1. Press 'ON/OFF' to switch off the appliance and wait ten minutes for the appliance to cool down.

2. Press 'ON/OFF' to turn the appliance back on, pour 100ml of water into the tank and run a new cycle. If the appliance has not cooled down sufficiently the droplet icon will turn orange when you press 'OK' to confirm the STERILSATION + DRYING or STERILSATION program. In this case repeat the operations.

If the water level is too low during a cycle, in addition to the need to descale, the orange droplet will turn on first. Complete the steps above for low water level. When you switch the appliance on again the orange light will disappear and the blue icon will appear. Now, complete the descale process.

If limescale residue appears on the appliance before the droplet turns blue, you can perform the descaling procedure as explained above.

Error code appears (5 digits + 5 warning beeps) 


This could be indication of a malfunction, please call/WhatsApp our customer service department on 07511 157068 


The appliance won't start

Ensure the appliance is plugged into mains socket (230v)

Check the water level in the heating unit. Add water if required, up to the symbol and restart.


The sterilisation process is too long or too short

Check that you have poured the correct amount of water (100ml) into the heating unit


What age should the Cosydream be used from/until?

Cosydream can be used from birth up to 3 months OR until your baby can roll over by themselves.


What is the difference between Lovenest and Lovenest+?

The Lovenest+ is made with breathable Coolmax® fabric and also has a non-slip back for use within bouncers and swings, as well as cots and prams.


What age range is the Aquaseat for?

From 7 months OR when your baby can sit up unaided, up to 16 months old


Uv Tents

Where are the tent pegs located? 

Double check for tent pegs which should be within the tent bag. If you cannot find these please contact Babymoov customer services.


If we haven't been able to answer your question in the FAQ, please contact us via the 'help' button in the right hand corner of the screen at babymoov.co.uk