Weaning Program Interviews

Take a look at some of the fantastic feedback we've had about the Babymoov Weaning Program!


Meet Kerry - "All about a mini Norris"

“I am 'all about a mini Norris' aka Kerry, Mum to Eva who is 3 and Ophelia who is 5 and a half months. Also in our family there is hubby Arwyn and Alfie the dog who is also 3. Ophelia has recently started weaning so she is still on the puree stage. She has tried vegetables and fruit and is now trying flavour combinations. I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning as I wanted my experience this time around to be easier than my first, and for it to be a fun experience. I am excited about Ophelia’s firsts; trying cheese, finger food, meat etc and want other parents to see the fun food can be, rather than feeling anxiety.  I am also looking forward to being able to prepare meals for the whole family and Ophelia being able to eat the same things as the rest of the family. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on weaning whilst travelling, family friendly meals, batch cooking and firsts during weaning.”

Follow Kerry’s adventures:

Her blog: Allaboutamininorris

Twitter: @amininorrisblog

Facebook: KerryNorris

Meet Emily - "Emily and Indiana"


“Hi, I am Emily and I blog at emilyandindiana.com. I'm mum to Indiana who is 2.5 and her little brother Parker who is 9 months old. I'm married to their dad Jack and we live in Kent. We are following baby led weaning with Parker after a successful journey with Indiana. He's loving food, although is much lazier when it comes to weaning. His favourite meal of the day is breakfast where he eats as much as his sister! I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning to share our journey with baby led weaning. I want to show how great baby led weaning can be, and will be focusing on this - sharing meal ideas, talking about weaning on the go, etc. Most weaning stories I have read are from a traditional point of view, so I think this will hopefully help others like us!”

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Her blog : www.emilyandindiana.com

Twitter : @emilyvaughanx

Facebook : Emily&indiana

Meet Laura - "Mamma Fairy"


“I am the Mamma Fairy aka Laura, Mum to R aged 3 and S almost 1 and we live with  Dadda Fairy aka Christopher. My Weaning experience so far is eventful!! A hospital stay and dairy intolerance have led us to restart the weaning journey albeit a lot later than planned. This is why I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning -  our weaning journey is unconventional, we are late starters to it and want to share our experience in the hope it helps other parents. I am most looking forward to sharing experiences and not letting my son’s  intolerance impact on his enjoyment of food. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on managing dairy intolerance, starting weaning late and the associated challenges.  Hopefully as an added bonus, I will be involving my 3 year old who is a fussy eater and would like her to eat a wider variety of foods.  I am hoping  to do things differently this time and am looking forward to the support of Julia the Babymoov nutritionist and working with other parents who are participating in the #stresslessweaning adventure.”

Follow Laura’s adventures at:

Her blog: themammafairy.com

Twitter: @Mamma_Fairy

Facebook: The Mamma Fairy

Meet Kay - "Mummy B."


“Kay is Mummy B, Mum to Darcie (4, next month) and Henry (7 months). My husband Jamie and our dog, Lady complete our family... My weaning experience so far, has been a lot more enjoyable than my experience with Darcie. I wanted to take part in the #StresslessWeaning because I remember just how stressed I got with my daughter, was constantly seeking advice, scared to even try certain things. However, really weaning should be an enjoyable experience, helping your child to discover new tastes and textures. I wanted to be able to show other parents that weaning really doesn't have to be stressful as it first seems (despite the mess!!). I'm most looking forward to creating new recipe’s for my little ones to try, and hopefully changing some eating habits of my older child too. Weaning can involve the whole family, its great to encourage healthy eating across the whole family. On my blog I will be particularly focusing on breastfeeding and weaning, also encouraging healthy eating across the whole family through weaning.”

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Her blog: Mummyburgess.co.uk

Twitter: @mummyb_kw

Facebook: MummyBBlog

Meet Suzanne - "Sofa Stories"


“I am one half of Sofa Stories and my name is Suzanne. Mum to Emily Elizabeth (aka Boo Bop) and Luke William (aka Mr Moo). Also in our family there is my husband to be and long suffering partner in crime of 10 years Richard. Our Weaning experience so far is so, so different from first time around, Emily picked and was so fussy whereas Luke will try anything but we have to check EVERYTHING for milk which is a pain and quite restrictive but we are getting there. I loved the thought of being part of a #stresslessweaning community.  I had undiagnosed post natal depression with Emily and struggled with groups in general so missed out I feel on the general food chat. This time around i want to go to groups but often feel a little isolated as I'm second time round mum and first time mums seem to be clique. I am most looking forward to decluttering my work top of blenders and blitzers and having one bit if equipment that does all well with the help of some fab recipes and with my little chef Emily at my side. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on living with allergies and intolerance’s”.

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On her blog: Sofa Stories

On Twitter : @Sofa_Stories

On Facebook : Facebook.com/SofaStories

Meet Sarah - "Toby Goes Banana"


“I am Sarah and I blog at Toby Goes Banana. I'm married to Barry and mum to Toby who is two and three quarters and Gabriel who is nine months old. My weaning experience so far with Gabe has been a bit up and down - teething and illness have put him off his food recently but I hope we'll get back to normal soon.  I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning because with a toddler and a baby I am always looking for ways to make my life less stressful! I am most looking forward to sharing our weaning experiences and working with the other bloggers who are a part of the #stresslessweaning adventure. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on combining babyled and traditional weaning, and making weaning-friendly family meals that can be enjoyed by mum & dad, a toddler and a baby!”

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Her blog: tobygoesbananas.co.uk

Twitter: @tobygoesbananas

Facebook : Tobygoesbananas