3 Holiday Tips with Babies

Travelling with babies can seem overwhelming, especially for a first-time mum, but you’re not alone.

Tinytravelship pull on the collective knowledge of mamas well-travelled to act as your expert resource for all things family-friendly travel. We’ve rounded up our top tips for holidays with babies, from our community of mamas.

Tinytravelship Founder, Frankie


Don’t fear the flight

‘Take a sheepskin liner on the plane it’s ideal to put on a knee and against the window so babies can snuggle in. Plus it’s a great one for the pram as it helps to regulate body temperature.’ 

‘I still swear by the new toy trick. Fill a packing cube with (cheap) new toys. The novelty will keep them entertained for a lot longer than usual. Local charity shops or Flying Tiger are great places to stock up.’

‘My go-to move, and the easiest way to keep a baby from crying during takeoff and landing, is to give them milk. If you are formula feeding bring double what you’d normally use, security will let you bring through as much as you need. Better yet order in advance to collect from Boots airside.’

Be Monica level organised with your packing

‘I never travel without packing cubes. Think of them like portable drawers, helping you keep super organised. Plus they condense your clothes so they take up less space. Separate out swimwear, pjs and outfits into different cubes. It makes unpacking a breeze.’

‘If you are short on suitcase space (who isn’t with a baby), use a pram bag as extra baggage. Carry your baby to the plane in your sling and check your pram (in its bag) in. Most airlines don’t weigh prams so you can stuff the bag with bulky items, such as nappies, wipes, blankets etc.’

‘You don’t always need to pack the kitchen sink. Yes, babies don’t tend to travel light, but hotels, villas and even airbnbs are getting savvy to mamma’s needs and offering a whole range of baby equipment, from the standard highchairs and cots to bottle warmers, sterilisers, baby monitors and toys. Check what’s available at your destination and don’t be afraid to ask for photos.’

‘I always look for compact baby gear that takes up minimum packing space. The Babyni UV tent is easy to fold down and ideal to pack in your suitcase. It’s also multi-purpose, which I love. We use it as a sun protector, playpen, and even a bed on occasion. Scrunch collapsible buckets and spades are also perfect portable products.’ 

Holiday must-haves including babyni UV tent

Stick to your routine (as much as possible)

‘Babies are creatures of habit, so try to stick to your normal routine as best you can. This doesn’t mean being militant about timings, but creating a home from home vibe for your tiny travellers. I take a pillow spray with me when travelling, so wherever my baby’s bed for the night is it always smells the same.’

‘Don’t be a prisoner to your baby’s naps. If you can, opt for accommodation with a separate sleeping space for your tiny traveller, but remember this doesn’t need to be a second bedroom, I’ve made a nursery of a walk-in wardrobe and even a super large bathroom before. Rooms with outdoor spaces are godsends for daytime naps, or even better are pool or beach front rooms. My number one criteria when booking a baby-friendly bolt-hole is the distance from beach to bedroom. I always look for somewhere where the baby monitor will stretch. Similarly you could opt for a wireless baby monitor with a long range’

 baby-friendly travel stays

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